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Jul 2019

Dividends and the Power of Compounding

Dividends play an important role in the returns of equity portfolios and indices, especially in a low-interest rate environment, where income generation is more difficult. We take a closer look at dividends and their benefits.

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Jun 2019

China A-Shares: The Implications for U.S. Investors

Emerging markets have become an important part of retirement portfolios for many U.S. investors. Recently, global index providers such as MSCI and FTSE announced that they will gradually increase the inclusion of stocks from companies incorporated and traded on mainland China in their global and int…

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May 2019

Interest Rates: Lower for Longer

Following a seven year period of no interest rate hikes coming out of the 2008 recession, the Fed has been slowly and steadily raising rates since 2015. We explore why interest rates may remain low, or potentially go lower, in the near future.

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Apr 2019

Classification Confusion: Understanding Equity Style

Retirement plans aim to offer a concise, yet diversified, set of investment options. Understanding equity style is vital to building a defined contribution investment menu that allows participants to create portfolios that reflect their investment preferences.

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